How much does your websites typically cost? 
Every website is different and everyones personal need is different.  So, it is hard to predict a price without knowing what we are dealing with.  However, most typical websites cost from $199 to $799.  In some cases, custom websites can cost even more.  Please contact us to discuss your project and we will provide you a quote.

Do I need to host the website with you?
We highly recommend hosting the websites with us.  This will allow you to maximize your savings because we do discount the website development cost for those who choose to host with us.  Our servers are also highly reliable and are backed by Godaddy and Hostgator.  Hence, from a technology perspective, you are getting the same plus a discount on your website.  Typical monthly hosting charge is $15/month.  

Can I host through a different company?
Certainly.  However, please note that you will require a cpanel, MySql and ftp access with any hosting provider, so we can effectively provide you our services.  Also note that we only give a 10 day guarantee for our work in this case because the third party hosting company has access to all files.  Also the website development cost will be drastically different due to no hosting discount.

If I host with you, can I move it to a different hosting provider later?
Any website that is hosted with us is usually discounted.  Hence, we do not allow moving the files to a different hosting provider.  However, if it is absolutely necessary, you can pay a transfer fee of $400 and we will move the website for you to any hosting provide of your choice.  Please consult with us so we can ensure that your new hosting provider is meeting the software requirements that are needed for your website to work.

If I host with you, is my website still mine?
Absolutely.  You will own your domain and the website that we developed for the life of the account.  If you choose to move the website to a different hosting provider, then you will be required to pay a transfer fee.

Why should I pay a transfer fee when my website is mine?
In most cases, any website that we develop and host with us is discounted drastically.  However, when you choose to go to a different hosting provider, then we have to charge a transfer fee to recoup this discount that was orginally given to you for hosting with us. 

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